Conversion Rate Optimization

You’re (probably) paying to drive traffic to your site… are you making the most of that traffic?

Increasing your conversion rate leads directly to better revenues and a stronger business. So why do so many businesses immediately think that to increase sales you need more traffic?

Rather than sink more money into driving traffic, let’s see how we can take advantage of the traffic you’re already getting. Let’s coax as many conversions out of that traffic as we possibly can.

Maybe you’ve tried some of this on your own. You’ve read the best practices, tried changing your call to action from green to orange, and had limited or no success.

Maybe this is brand new to you, and you want to see how to get the biggest bang for your traffic buck.

How can Conversion Rate Optimization help you?

  • Learn which traffic sources are performing well, and which aren’t.
  • Identify your different types of visitors and their intentions.
  • Find user experience issues in your campaigns and conversion paths.
  • Explore ways to better position your company in the marketplace.
  • Understand visitor objections and challenges.
  • Find the combination of messaging, design, and action that works best for your business.

How does Conversion Rate Optimization work?

First, we talk about what is and isn’t currently working. Using analytics and your knowledge, we figure out which campaigns, traffic sources, or visitor types would be good to focus on first.

Then, we take a look at your existing conversion paths. Where are visitors potentially struggling? Where does the messaging not match their expectations? Where could we modify the process?

If you have voice of customer data, that’s really helpful. If not, we’ll discuss how we can collect some, and then do that if necessary.

We’ll take a look at your competitors and other industry leaders to see what they’re doing.

Then we’ll put together a testing strategy. We’ll figure out what to test and how to test it, and we’ll either help you implement it or do it for you. We can work with tools you already have, or recommend one for you.

Finally, we’ll monitor the tests, report on the results, and determine what the next steps should be. Wins will be pushed out to other campaigns, not-so-wins will be recorded so that you don’t try them again in the future!